Give us your feedback!

Dear teacher, thank you very much for implementing LaSciL in your school.
In order to give us feedback on the project, we kindly ask you to send us a short report if you used a LaSciL demonstrator or an educational activity inspired by the LaSciL methodology with your students. We also kindly ask you to share the students pre and post questionnaires with your students.
Please follow the links below to access the forms. Thank you!.

Teacher report

Please fill the report below to let us know more about the implementation of LaSciL in you school:

Student questionnaires

These questionnaires will be the main data source for measuring the impact of the LaSciL project on the participating students. The pre and post questionnaires will be filled out by the students before and after the implementation respectively. The questionnaires should be filled in by each individual student and it will take approximately 10 minutes to do so.