LaSciL Summer School 2022

Join us for the LaSciL summer course in Crete!

3-8 July 2022


The summer school will be held at the Department of Physics of the University of Crete that is located in the new campus of the University of Crete at Voutes, seven kilometres southwest of Heraklion, Crete.

About the Summer School

The pandemic crisis has reshaped the landscape of formal education worldwide. While the necessary shift to online and distance learning was made quickly, the majority of teachers were hardly prepared for it. Teachers had not only to be fluent in the use of ICT including online communication platforms and learning management systems, but also had to face a new school reality, that of the virtual classroom.

To meet these teachers’ needs LaSciL offer a series of activities, high quality digital tools and services to science teachers to support their distance learning practices. Among other things, the proposed tools will allow teachers to perform (with their students online) sky observation from the comfort of their home or classroom aiming to connect real scientific exploration with school-subjects and increase students’ fascination for science.

The LaSciL Summer School includes presentations followed by practical sessions and workshops focusing on:

  • Introducing ways to support science teachers in implementing high quality lessons from a distance which can keep their students motivated to participate and sustain or even increase their science motivation and fascination
  • Offering equal opportunities to different types of learners throughout this challenging period due to covid-19 restrictions
  • Offering to teachers a set of high-quality digital tools and open educational resources tailored to the school curricula to support their work
  • Adopting methods from project-based learning that are known to increase students’ science motivation to online and distance learning to support a more inclusive teaching approach enriched with authentic science learning experiences
  • Drawing examples, tools, methodologies, and good practices from the scientific enterprise and transferring them to education in order to support teachers’ digital readiness

The LaSciL summer course brings together schools in Europe, educational research institutions, outreach groups and large scientific infrastructures in Physics such as the Faulkes robotic telescopes and the astronomical Observatory of Skinakas in Crete, Greece.

During this summer school, we will visit the Skinakas Observatory and the Monument of Knossos!

A picture of Skinakas Observatory telescope dome
Skinakas Observatory (image credit: klikΑrtPic / Pixabay)


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