Highlights of the LaSciL Austrian Space Forum Teacher Science Workshop

On August 31 and September 1, 2022, the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in Innsbruck, Austria, held exciting teacher training activities organized on the framework of the LaSciL project.
On the first day, teachers had the opportunity to visit the OeWF Space Suit Lab and try real analog astronaut equipment. They also followed a live observing session from a remote telescope in Hawaii operated by the Faulkes Telescope Project, and discussed how to incorporate innovative teaching methods in the classroom in a participatory session coordinated by NUCLIO.
The second day of training featured presentations of tools and demonstrators prepared by the LaSciL project collaboration. Teachers learned how to plan and schedule astronomical observations, and how to download and analyse the data.
After the lectures, the group headed to Vega Observatory near Salzburg and enjoyed a perfect night of observing with the one-meter telescope.
The activities were joined by an international audience, including participantes from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Romania.

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